HighTorQ Power Tools

The perfectly thought -out concept of surgical power tools with power-battery system...


The Power-Pack contains the software for every controllable power tool. This mode of construction drastically extends the sensitive components‘ service life without significantly restricting the units in their use. The perceived high quality and the award-winning design of the whole power-battery system is an ideal match to the well-known Nouvag philosophy of providing the medical sector with high-utility units, sophisti- cated technology and lengthy durability.

Sterilizing battery-powered instruments is a heavy strain on the battery and all the electrical and electronic components. These components require rigorous protection from the impact of sterilization. The Nouvag power tool concept for major bone surgery separates the drive unit with control electronics and motor from the rest of the instrument by means of a hermetically sealed compartment which results in the complete elimination of the need to sterilize these key components. A „non-sterile“ person inserts the non-sterilised Power-Pack into the instrument using a sterile funnel and the „sterile“ person closes the cover over it.

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