TCM 3000 BL


TCM 3000 BL for versatile use

Instruments which do not depend on a torque controlled motor system, can be driven by this very versatile, compact device. The very simple system of the TCM 3000 BL makes this machine a quiet, desirable companion. The legendary Nouvag quality, made in Switzerland is a guarantor for peak performance and endurance, even after many years.


TypeTCM 3000 BL
Power consumption 60 VA
Motor speed 500 - 40'000 rpm
Max. Motor torque 6 Ncm
Coupling Electronic motor after INTRA EN 3964
Cable length, power cord 3 m
Dimensions (W x D x H) 120 x 180 x 110 mm
Weight, control unit 1.8 kg

Advantages for the surgeon:

Not just grinding, drilling and sawing is possible with this device, but Skin grafting with a dermatome and the use of a tattooing handpiece for reconstructive surgery. The high reliability and its balanced price/performance ratio made the TCM 3000 BL a favored choice when versatility and allround talent is required without having to fulfill the high demands of a high-end Motor System.


Suitable accessories

The TCM 3000 BL is famous for the use with our high precise Dermatome handpieces


Skin Graft Mesher


Sterilisation basket for Dermatome

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