HighTorQ power tools for major bone surgery

The perfectly thought-out concept of surgical power tools with power-battery systemBee Powertools 5er Gruppe WEB 1000px

Revolution in medium and large Bone Surgery

Sterilizing battery-powered instruments is a heavy strain on the battery and all the electrical and electronic components. These components require rigorous protection from the impact of sterilization. The Nouvag power tool concept for major bone surgery separates the drive unit with control electronics and motor from the rest of the instrument by means of a hermetically sealed compartment which
results in the complete elimination of the need to sterilize these key components. A „non-sterile“ person inserts the non-sterilised Power-Pack into the instrument using a sterile funnel and the „sterile“ person closes the cover over it.

The Power-Pack contains the software for every controllable power tool. The Power-Pack recognizes which power tool it is currently connected to via the contacts attached to the inside of each power tool and provides the relevant control parameters. The Power-Pack can be used and exchanged completely independently, a feature which greatly facilitates the ease-of-use.

This mode of construction drastically extends the sensitive components‘ service life without significantly restricting the units in their use. The perceived high quality and the award-winning design of the whole power-battery system is an ideal match to the well-known Nouvag philosophy of providing the medical sector with high-utility units, sophisticated technology and lengthy durability.


The heart of the system

The heart of the system

The "universal drive" powered by a lithium-ion battery, integrated drive motor, control electronics and software.

  • The universal drive unit (Power-Pack) is inserted into the power tool through a sterile funnel during surgery.
  • The universal drive unit automatically recognizes the various power tools and adjusts to the respective requirements as to power, speed and function.
  • The universal drive unit uses the latest high-power density lithium-ion technology with no memory effect and a capacity of 2.1 Ah.
  • The status display of clearly visible coloured LEDs enables the exact charge to be read even while operating. In addition, the 4 white LEDs also illuminate the surgery site.
  • The folding mounting bracket embedded in the base enables the Power-Pack to be very easily inserted into sterile power tools without jeopardising their sterility.
Power Pack (Accumulator)Ref. 3705
Dimensions: 89 x 87 x 102 mm
Weight: 760 g
Type: Li-Ion
Max. voltage: 16.8 V
Operating voltage: 14.4 V
Capacity: 2.1 Ah
Typical charging time: < 90 min


Hermetically sealed

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The jig-saw can be operated within two speed ranges.

Stichsaege schraeg vorne web 1000px

  • For using saw blades with a Stryker connector.
  • A stroke of 4 mm for perfect cutting results.
  • 2 speed settings available.
  • Tool free quick-action tensioner for inserting the saw blade.
  • Lock position

saegeblaetter stichsaege web

Jig-sawRef. 3703
Dimensions, handpiece without attachements: 180 x 93 x 196 mm
Weight, handpiece with Power-Pack: 1730 g
Infinitely adjustable speed; Position I:
Infinitely adjustable speed; Position II:
0 - 6000 rpm
0 - 6500 rpm
Stroke: 4.0 mm
Protection class: B, EN 60601-1
Power supply: Li-Ion accumulator
Typical time for recharching: < 90 min



Oscillating saw

For areas which the jig-saw cannot reach. With many adjustment options to position the saw blade.

Oszillierende Saege schraeg vorne web

  • Tool-free tensioning of the saw blade by turning the grooved knob.
  • The saw blade position is adjustable in 45° steps by turning the whole head through 360°.
  • The saw blade can be inserted in 5 different positions to find an appropriate angle for use.
  • Lock function.

saegeblaetter oszillierende saege web

Oscillating sawRef. 3702
Dimensions, handpiece without attachment: 163 x 93 x202 mm
Weight, handpiece with Power Pack: 1760 g
Infinitely adjustable speed, Position I:
Infinitely adjustable speed, Position II:
0 - 9,000 rpm
0 - 11,000 rpm
Stroke: 4.0 mm
Protection class: B, EN 60601-1
Power supply: Li-Ion accumulator
Typical time for recharging: < 90 min



Sternum saw

For thoracic surgery, and particularly for working on the sternum. Protection for internal organs.

Sternum saege web 1000px

  • Use with a special saw blade which matches the length of the protective bracket.
  • Enables very precise cuts and smooth control.
  • Ideally suited for use with coolant.
  • Tool-free tensioning of the saw blade through the protective bracket.
  • Lock function.

saegeblaetter sternumsaege web

Sternum sawRef. 3704
Dimensions, handpiece without attachment: 217 x 93 x 197 mm
Weight, handpiece with Power-Pack: 1750 g

Infinitely adjustable speed, Position I:

Infinitely adjustable speed, Position II:

0 - 6000 rpm

0 - 6500 rpm

Stroke: 4.0 mm
Protection class: B, EN 60601-1
Power supply: Li-Ion accumulator
Typical time for recharging: < 90 min



Drill and Reamer

This drill is suitable for drilling and milling, for which it features two speed ranges.

bohrmaschine dill and ream web 1000px

  • Drill with 2 speed ranges 0 – 250 rpm and 0 – 1000 rpm.
  • Numerous drilling and milling chucks expand the field of application.
  • When using the quick-coupling for Kirschner wires, an extension connector can be screwed on to the rear of the unit to protect the user.
  • The unit features an oscillation mode.
  • Lock position, forward and reverse motion.

Zubahoer bohrmaschine drill and ream web

Drill & ReamerRef. 3701
Dimensions, handpiece without attachment: 162 x 93 x 198 mm
Weight, handpiece with Power-Pack: 1850 g

Infinitely adjustable speed in drill mode:

Infinitely adjustable speed in ream mode:

0 - 1000 rpm

0 - 250 rpm

Cannulation Ø : 4.3 mm
Protection class: B, EN 60601-1
Power supply: Li-Ion accumulator
Typical time for recharging: < 90 min



Universal drill

To be used for every drilling attachment and the Kirschner transfixion wire chuck.

Universalbohrmaschine web 1000px

  • For everything related to drilling.
  • Special Kirschner quick-coupling available for this drill with extension connector.
  • Switchable to oscillating mode.
  • Lock position, forward and reverse motion.

Zubehoer universalbohrmaschine web

Universal drillRef. 3700
Dimensions, handpiece without attachment: 137 x 93 x 197 mm
Weight, handpiece with Power-Pack: 1660 g

Infinitely adjustable speed in drill mode:

0 - 1000 rpm

Cannulation Ø: 4.3 mm
Protection class: B, EN 60601-1
Power supply: Li-Ion accumulator
Typical time for recharging: < 90 min



Preparation and sterilization

aufbereitung sterilisation web

spueladapter web

Rinsing adaptor, Red: Für Jig saw and Sternum saw
Rinsing adaptor White: For both of thedilling machines
Rinsing adaptor, Green: Universal rinsing adaptor for all handpieces

  • The rinsing system for the sterilization basket is meant to be used to guarantee that channels are rinsed.
  • The tubes are mounted directly on the channels of the instruments and chucks to be rinsed by means of the rinsing adaptors.
  • The color-coded rinsing adaptors each match the colored spot to be found on the instruments.



Maintenance and care

  • The purpose is to keep instrument maintenance as easy as possible. To facilitate this, use the maintenance stand.
  • When the instrument is in a suspended position, all the areas requiring lubrication can be easily reached by the care spray’s tube.
  • To maintain the inner surfaces, use the care aids. These eliminate the need to unscrew the instrument.

pflegestaender webpflegestaender mit tool

Maintenance stand, Ref. 3724


Care aids

Instrument care is a key factor in preserving the instruments' function and extending their service life.

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Maintenance adaptor, Orange (Ref. 3729): For both of the drillin machines
Maintenance adaptor, Purple (Ref. 3728): Universal adaptor for all the handpieces
Maintenance adaptor, Yellow (Ref. 3731): For all the saws(front)
Maintenance adaptor, Blue (Ref. 3730): For all the saws (rear)

To keep things as easy as possible for users and at the same time ensure efficacy, many different work aids have been developed which systematically target neuralgic zones and very much facilitate delivery of maintenance oil.

The individual maintenance adaptors have been color-coded to facilitate their selection. Each instrument is clearly marked with a colored spot to indicate where the adapter belongs to.

To label the areas of the instruments requiring maintenance, the following 4 colors were used. Orange, purple, yellow and blue.

A device featuring a green, white or red spot refers to the work aids which are used in sterilization.




Ladestation mit akkuladestation mit kabel ohne akku web

  • The charger is not only able to charge the battery; it can and should be the storage site for the battery if it is not being used, as batteries which are not regularly used slowly discharge. As long as the battery remains in the charger, it ensures that the battery is always fully charged.
  • For daily use and for large departments there is also a charger available with 4 battery charging bays. This ensures that there is at least one spare battery at the ready.
  • A reflective surface on the charger reflects the LEDs on the Power-Pack which always display the current charge.
  • The ready indicator on the right-hand side of the charger informs whether the unit is plugged in and charging can take place.

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