Nou-CLEAN, maintenance and care spray

Ref. 1984

NouClean-Spray, maintenance and care spray for electronic motors, Handpieces and Contra Angles.1984 NouCleanSpray 2012 WEB

Sterilization tray

4113 Stericase locked


Ref. 4113

Stericase made of aluminum for the sterilization and storage of sterilized items. 465 x 280 x 100 mm


4126 Silikonmatte WEB

Ref. 4126

Nonslip nubby silicone mat. 450 x 270 mm

Foreceps Div. Katalog

5192 Foreceps Tenaculum forceps 13.5 mm - 420 mm 5196 Greifzange Tenaculum forceps 10mm 420mm WEB

5194 Foreceps Tenaculum forceps 5 - 420 mm5194 Greifzange Tenaculum forceps 5-420mm WEB

5195 Foreceps Claw forceps 10 - 420 mm 5195 Greifzange Claw forceps 10-420mm WEB

5196 Foreceps Tenaculum forceps 10 - 420 mm 5196 Greifzange Tenaculum forceps 10mm 420mm WEB

Seals for Trocar Cannula 12/15mm

Replacing the seals of the Trocar Cannula

  • Unscrew sealing cap holder from the proximal end of the Trocar Cannula.
  • Remove the yellow internal seal (Art. No. 5177) from the sealing cap holder and replace it with a new one.
  • Unscrew the valve body from the main body.
  • Remove the red O-ring (Art. No. 5180) from the valve body and replace it with a new one.
  • Reassemble parts and check for tight fit.

5177-5180 Trokar-Dichtungen gelb-rot

O-ring for Trocar Cannula 12/15

5180 Dichtung Trokarhuelse O-Ring Rot WEB

Red O-ring seal (5180) between the valve body and the Trocar Cannula.

Seal, yellow

5177 Dichtung Trokarhuelse Gelb WEBSeal (5177), yellow, between sealing cap holder and Trocar Cannula.

Spare Seal Unit

5165 Membranschraube montiert WEB

Spare Seal Unit (5165)
Assembled state, consisting oft wo parts. Opened state with indicated seals (Seals not included in delivery).

5165 Dichteinheit zerlegt WEB

Adapter for NouClean spray for transmission unit

Maintenance and care of transmission unit

1928 Adapter NouClean WEB
Pflege Getriebeeinheit 1928-Adapter WEB



  • Attach spray adapter (Art. No. 1928) onto NouClean-Spray.
  • Insert spray adapter into the transmission unit by aligning the guide pin of the adapter with the notch at the flange of the transmission unit.
  • Secure the connection by a slight turn of the transmission unit.
  • Spray transmission unit for about 3 seconds and disconnect adapter after spraying.
  • Clean spillage with a damp cloth.

Adapter for NouClean spray for Electronic motors

Spray nozzles for Nou-Clean-Spray for electronic motor 21


1974 Adapter NouClean WEB
1974 Spray Aufsaetze

1974 Adapter for NouClean-Spray for Electronic motor 21