UltraSonic nebulizer

UltraSonic Nebulizer tabletop model with adjustable supporting arm
The UltraSonic nebulizer from Nouvag AG is intended for inhalation therapy and humidification of respiratory air. Due to the UltraSonic’s simplicity of operation, the device is suitable for professional use in hospitals and clinics, as well as for home health care use.

The simple to set output adjustment levels for nebulizing rate and air flow volume assure precise delivery of nebulized medication every time. The built in timer function makes it easy to set exact treatment duration. The UlttraSonic nebulizer is a versatile and indispensable device for use in an ever increasing number and type of respiratory therapies.



Ultraneb Vernebler

Art.-Nr.: 3274, UltraSonic Nebulizer, base model

The base model consists of the device with two hoses, the nebulizer cup and the plug-in rod on the back with the hook for the suspension of the infusion bottle.

Art.-Nr.: 3274 with 3301z, UltraSonic tabletop model

The tabletop model consists of the base model with the described accessories and the practical articulated arm with which the mouthpiece is comfortably guided to the mouth.

Tischmodell mit rollbarem Fussgestell

Art.-Nr.: 3274 with 3302z, UltraSonic tabletop version with device trolly

For the treatment of bedridden patients, the UltraSonic tabletop model in conjunction with the mobile stand is thought for. The articulated arm also belongs to this set.




ultraneb zubehoer web 800

3305 Nebulizing chamber (without chamber
lid or removable quartz module)
3244 Destilled Water, 1l (10 puches) 3310 Reflow set containing lid for nebulizing
chamber and reflow tube set
3306 Chamber lid with overfill protection 3304 Medication cup (6 pieces) 3277 Mouth peace
3303 Disposable tubing set, steril (10 pieces) Autoclavable silicone tubes: 3213 Bacteria filter
3234 Universal tube holder (10 pieces) 3199 Tube   1200mm 3010 Inhalation face mask for adults
3031 Tube holder for articulated arm (10 pieces) 3219 Tube    900mm 3011 Inhalation face mask for children
3020 T-adapter (10 pieces) 3209 Tube    600mm  
3307 Quartz module (removable) 3218 Tube    300mm Accessories not illustrated:
  Autoclavable, heated tube: 22266 Power cord, USA 3m
  3311 Tube   1100mm 31978 Operating instruction 
  3308 Down holder, stainless steel 31981 Operating instruction 
  3309 Hook for distilled water pouch,
stainless steel


Technical Data           

Typ: UltraSonic Nebulizer


110 V/127 V/230 V bei 50 - 60 Hz


80 Watt

Dimensions(B x H x T):

205/315/190 mm


3.5 kg


15/30/45/60 Min.


IEC 127-T800 L 250 V (2 piece)

FDA 510 (k) Number:


Nebulizer Data

Nebulizer performance, adjustable: 0 bis 180 ml/hr

Air flow, adjustable:

0 bis 20 l/min

Particle size:

0,5 - 5 μm

Ultrasonic Frequency:

1,68 MHz