LipoSurg, a compact and powerful system for liposuction


The LipoSurg system designed for Liposuction unites infiltration and the electrically supported Liposuction in a single, compact Device. The high infiltration performance of the integrated peristaltic pump together with the further developed Conform Cannula Handpiece with optimized suction channel and an improved visibility of the field of work result in a perfectly matched all-in-one device for the daily use.

Vacuson 60 LP, Liposuction system

The Vacuson pumps are used for suction of fluids and secretions. The pump power can be regulated and continuously monitored by the manometer on a scale in bar and mmHG.

TCM 3000 BL, Motor System to drive Liposuction cannulas

Instruments that are not depending on a torque controlled Motor System, can be driven by this very versatile, compact device.