Motor Handpiece 38

1119 Mikromotor 38 2014 WEB

Robust complete Motor-Hand piece with integrated micro motor for heavy duty work, extremely low-noise and comfortable during long operation.

Handpiece 35



1057 Handstueck 35 WEB

Flexible applicable hand piece with rotating joint chuck for the use of all common tools up to 40’000 rpm. Various different chucks available from 0.55mm – 3.2mm, interchangeable within seconds.

Riveting hammer 36

1058 Niethammer 2014

Riveting Hand piece with transmission 16:1 and smooth adjustable spring pressure

Handpiece 34

1055 Handstueck 34 2014

Ergonomically and slim designed hand piece with quick release chuck for efficient and precise working condition up to 40’000 rpm. Standard chuck: Ø 2,35